1933 Duesenberg

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1933 Duesenberg

1933 Duesenberg, Dick’s Classic Garage Car Museum, San Marcos.

Old Jars Redux

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This is another take on my “Old Jars” photograph. The original was “straight”. This one has some textures applied to it.

White Prickly Poppy

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White Prickly Poppies, photographed on a light box, processed to bring out its best features, then applied a texture.  I like it both ways — on white and on a texture.

How it was done…

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This is how I created yesterday’s post. It is a bit strange, so I wanted people to see the piece before explaining how it got there so as not to skew impressions…
The top photo below is the adjusted original. It is a night shot of Fulton Harbor sailboats lit by parking lot lights. I’d done this shot before, but this time managed to get a more steady shot. However, this shot was on a night with no reflections, plus I realized that I really had to take the shot from the 2nd floor restaurant where I took the first shakey one in order to get both the width and the depth (if there had been reflections). That’s how it is with photography…
I decided to try to give it some texture… which I’ve been playing with recently. When you apply a texture you can run through the blend modes to see what happens. Sometimes an unusual blend mode gives something interesting, as it did in this case. The blend mode I used is difference…

Fulton Harbor

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Fulton Harbor

Fulton Harbor at Night

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Liberty Tool Company

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Liberty Tool Company

Liberty Tool Company, Liberty Maine. An amazing place to visit in a small old town in Maine.

Cypress Creek

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Cypress Creek at Blue Hole, Wimberley

Miss Lori Dawn VII

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Found in Aransas Pass, Texas.

Home Sweet Home

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Found in Rockport, Texas.