Cholla Cluster

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Cholla Cluster

In 2007 we went to Big Bend State Park in mid April. The flowers that year were fantastic! My popular Cholla piece originates from that trip. Today I worked on another photograph from that trip, another Cholla.
The post processing treatment on this is similar to the original Cholla although I constantly change the tools I use and the way I use them. I also reserve the right to “fiddle” with a particular piece each time I print it… So one print and another of the same name may be slightly different. However, if I change them significantly, I change the name.
In this case most of the work is to make the flowers “pop” and the background not pop. I often use a tool to bring out “edges” on flowers. I think our eyes see edges better than cameras anyway… But I like the increased detail because I hope it helps people see things they do not normally notice.
By the way, for those who constantly ask “what camera do you use” this was taken with a small sensor superzoom fixed lens camera, the Panasonic FZ50. Of course, it’s no longer with me but it served me very well.

Driftwood Store at Night

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Driftwood Store at Night

Driftwood, Texas.

Beautiful Blanco

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Infrared photograph of the Blanco River before the floods of 2015.

Island in the River

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This is an infrared photograph of the Blanco River before the flood. I call it “Island in the River.” I have not checked if this island is still there. Intended to go to the river today, but it’s wet… very wet… Wimberley, TX

Window and Flowers

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Window and Flowers, Taos

Found in Taos, New Mexico

Hollyhocks and Adobe

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Hollyhocks and adobe with quote

Paraty, Brazil

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In honor of the Olympics… Back to Brazil in 1995 – Paraty, then a scenic small fishing village as well as a quiet tourist spot. Scanned slide, painterly effects applied.

Cinque Terre

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Cinque Terre, Italy, 1993. Scanned from a slide and painterly effects applied. Wonderful place to visit!

Georgia O’Keeffe

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Goliad State Park Tree

Shapely tree at Goliad State Park, captured with my infrared camera.